Beautiful design is not a frill—it is a critical element that captures and motivates people to truly tune in. It creates rich and dramatic experiences. It causes us to stop, to notice, to dig deeper, to understand. And it can do this for your fundraising efforts, as well.

If you look closely, beautiful fundraising design exists all around you. It is not simply a piece of pretty collateral or a new logo. It can be found in the glorious chaos of creating human connection, and in the simple attention to detail in the day-to-day. It is as much a powerful national awareness campaign, as it is a thoughtful conversation over coffee that spurs creative engagement.

If you are seeking a fresh approach to fundraising; a way to create moments that are powerful, intimate and real; a desire to capture the joy of the everyday and fundraise with more meaning—you’ve come to the right place.

 frances roen designs, and this blog, are about re-discovering the beauty of fundraising. My hope is that through these “conversations” we continue to change, evolve, refresh, and transform ourselves, and our organizations.

Curious as to what this is all about? Interested in finding joy again in fundraising? Join me and—together—let’s reclaim the art of fundraising.

By shaping the objects, interactions, and environments we live around and within, design literally changes the world.

– Ingrid Fetell, Designer, Aesthetics of Joy, IDEO