My Fundraising Philosophy—and Why I’m Here

Fundraising without beautiful design is . . .  functional. But, when fundraising can be functional and beautiful—that’s when the real magic happens. I don’t just mean the once-a-year gala fundraising ball that everyone knows has to wow all of your donors. I mean that all fundraising should be beautiful.

What was the last time a giving experience made your donors stop and think, spurred them to dig in and learn more, or inspired them to action? Was it your annual gala? Was it your donation solicitation? A volunteer opportunity? If you’ve ever noticed that there is a disconnect between the your non-profits everyday work and how your donors experience it, have you ever asked why?

I’ve created my website and blog in an effort to fill that gap in the nonprofit fundraising world.

I wholeheartedly understand that a piece of fundraising collateral is only as beautiful as the results it yields. But I also understand that—by confining beautiful, inspiring design to logos, taglines, websites, and newsletter layouts—many of us miss an enormous opportunity to share with others the gritty, emotional, raw, tender, provocative, hopeful, and—yes—beautiful missions of our organizations. (And to inspire donations as a result.)

Fundraising is an art. It is subtle and bold. It is a delicate dance with donors and politicians, community, and staff. It is about navigating a pathway that at times can be uneven, and other times surprisingly smooth. It is in the juxtaposition of intricate strategic conversations, and simple transformative words. It requires us to recognize that philanthropy can be as complex, emotionally charged, and profound as a sunset, a perfect martini, or a prize-winning novel.

Beauty is all around us—and it’s up to us to help others see it. I look forward to helping you find it again in your fundraising.

About Frances

I’m a Georgia girl at heart, yet have been reluctantly adopted by beautiful, snowy, Scandinavian Minnesota. I’m a thirty-something wife, mom (of one amazing little guy), and over-consumer of all things design. I love to tell stories, have terrible luck (which makes for good stories), and routinely find (and sometimes adopt) stray animals. When I’m not fundraising, I can be found running—very, very slowly—around one of the amazing lakes here in the Cities, or enjoying a delicious cocktail crafted by my incredibly handsome husband, Erick. I try to enjoy every minute of this crazy life I’ve been given, and find beauty in things unexpected.